Toad Hollow Vacation Home

When in Rome, do as the Romans do

Or… When in McCloud, Play!

It seems that we never quite have enough time to play.  We have been exploring the area around McCloud since 2005, and it seems that with each visit, our list of places that we want to go gets longer instead of shorter.  Whenever I am asked for recommendations about where to hike, drive, bike, or just sit, I have a very difficult time responding.  The beauty is endless!

To make up for time lost the day before, we really did have every intention of making up for lost time and working extra hard on the Laundry Room.  That is, until Steve, our wonderful neighbor, friend, tour guide, and the one who is willing to drop almost anything to help us or a guest, if the need arises, gave us an offer that we couldn’t refuse.  He invited us to go Jeepin’. Is there anything that beats the wind in your hair, the flowers at your fingertips, and the dirt under your feet?  You decide for yourself.  Thank you Steve!

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